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Eulogy for my father

When I talked to my kids yesterday for inspiration, here's what Yerachmiel Meir had to say about my father:"When he wanted something to get done, it got done."For my kids, that meant… Read more

Subway on the way home tonight...

So here we all are, eatin cheese (not me) and oranges and onion buns (not me).

Yay, us!

It was such a relief to be in out of the cold... brrr...


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WinterCity Spectacle Show, Pi-Leau by Close-Act

OK, well, this is a lousy video, but I'm so happy to have gotten out for a little while this motzaei Shabbos. It was SO cold, though! And then I had kind of misgivings about going to this type … Read more

Day at Allan Gardens...

Spent a chunk of time there today with ALL the kids and Sara.

Quel surprise... good times had by all!!! Read more

Fw: New Rice Beverage packaging - thanks!

Just got a reply to my Yu rice milk email.  I love quick customer service.  Wish they'd send a coupon, though!  J ----- Original Message ----- Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 3:05 PM Subject:Read more

But forget all this mushy stuff... I'm sure you are all wondering...


Yes, tonight is officially my First Night Cooking Supper in a Very Long Time.

We are having chili.
With cornbread. Dunno whether I'm going to bake it on top since Nao… Read more

A happy memory...

From an email to the big kids' grandpa in Calgary...

"Thinking about a ton of stuff the last couple of weeks, but one memory that stood out was of when you were here (it must have been the su… Read more

Sprouting Again... Growing Again...

OK, just about every winter, I have discovered, I have this deep-down need to see something green., and start experimenting once again with SPROUTING. This year, the need coincided with our return f… Read more

Fw: New Rice Beverage packaging - thanks!

Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 2:26

Subject: New Rice Beverage packaging -

After several months of difficulty finding Yu rice beverage on
our store shelves, we were thrilled to find it back … Read more

Fw: Shiva's over, family's home, etc

That's all for now, actually.  We're here, the kids got back okay, etc. Ted has uploaded a bunch of his Israel pics to Facebook, which I can't stand, but anyway:… Read more

We are in the Holy Land

I could insert cheesy clip art here, but at 5 shekels every however-long, I will not.  Off to see Uncle today in Bnei Brak, limited internet access.. .more when we're back! Read more

Last night's supper!

Sausage risotto with two kinds of sausage, but it was precooked and I was a bit disappointed... PLUS, the pressure cooker wasn't sealed properly for some reason and would not come up to pressure.… Read more

New Beverage Rave

Yes, it's pareve!
Blue Diamond Almond Breeze - okay, we call it almond milk.

And, because the cranky complaints-lady has been rearing her head a bit much lately, a happy, if somewhat coupon-seekin… Read more

More re TheSource 351607 Back order

I'm not proud of this one, but their reply annoyed me to no end, for some reason, so I morphed in mighty morphin' super-B for a moment, then hit Send before I could stop myself. ----- Origin… Read more

The Cranky Complaints-Lady Responds to InterTan (Radio Shack aka The Source)

This makes me very angry, as the item in question was a
birthday gift for someone who is going out of the country soon.

I should also add that having purchased in-store-pickup items without trouble f… Read more

Fwd: 351607 Back order

How many BS words can you find in the following email, informing me that Elisheva's birthday camera isn't available even though they said two weeks ago that it was... I'll help out by high… Read more

Lame Video Card

Let's see if this thing works... I'd say probably NOT. J Read more

brrr... wintertime frappuccipo & other kitchen how-to's (and not-to's)

Ugh... made myself a frapuccipo (decided that it cheapens the thing to spell it "cheapo"; why should starbucks have all the fun with its fake-Italian terminology???). They are nice & r… Read more

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