Last night's supper!

Sausage risotto with two kinds of sausage, but it was precooked and I was a bit disappointed... PLUS, the pressure cooker wasn't sealed properly for some reason and would not come up to pressure. Anyway, the risotto burnt on the bottom but was otherwise delicious. I used half arborio, which then ran out, so I used half sushi rice, which added a perfect sweetness.

Oh, and split pea soup from a mix. Shown here with a leftover Shabbos kneidl. I used the leftover Shabbos chicken soup in the risotto, along with a cup or so of leftover sweet sparkling white wine. It was a sweet taste, but not disturbingly so.

We vaccinated the baby yesterday for the first time.
I went in with the following list of "demands", gleaned from Dr Sears:

~ Only 2 vaccines at a time
~ Only 1 with aluminum at a time
~ Only 1 live vaccine at a time
I don't remember what else.

Anyway, it turned out that there were only "combo" vaccines available - grrr. So he got the standard DPTP and MMR (live). We did take Hib out of the DPTP, as it's a powder that she usually just mixes in. So only seven vaccines, instead of eight.

Now I feel a bit more comfortable about travelling with him, though I realize they don't begin acting immediately. Thinking about the plane makes me nervous anyway... basically a flying soup can full of germs.

Off to Mrs ViKi for the first time in probably a month!!!

<3 J
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