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Fw: New Rice Beverage packaging - thanks!

Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 2:26

Subject: New Rice Beverage packaging -

After several months of difficulty finding Yu rice beverage on
our store shelves, we were thrilled to find it back in stock with brand-new
packaging last week. (we mainly shop at Fortino's and Superstore here in

As kosher consumers, I must say we are particularly
pleased with the removal of the "dairy" designation from the packaging, assuming
(if it's not an error - please correct me if it is!) that this means it is
truly a pareve product now. In a kosher kitchen, that means it can be used
to cook for and serve with all types of meals - products with a "dairy" or
"dairy equipment" kosher designation (usually due to being produced on the same
lines as items made with milk) cannot be used with meat even if they are
completely vegan.

I also want to mention how great this beverage
has been with our last two babies. While I am exclusively breastfeeding
& realize that a soy or rice beverage should never take the place of
formula, I have found it a mild, slightly sweet substitute which comes in
handy (in small quantities) for mixing baby cereals or as a drink with

Thank you once again!

Yours truly,
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