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I'm not proud of this one, but their reply annoyed me to no end, for some reason, so I morphed in mighty morphin' super-B for a moment, then hit Send before I could stop myself.
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I wish to receive the camera. 
If I didn't, I wouldn't have ordered it.  And paid for it immediately.
I wish my daughter could receive her birthday present on time.
Receiving a picture of a camera is a lousy gift.
I wish your website hadn't said it was in stock when it clearly wasn't.
I wish your customer service person hadn't said it would be in by "this Friday at the latest" when it clearly won't.
Oh, and "thank you" doesn't need a hyphen, but a comma would have been nice between "order" and "please."
Nothing anyone there can do about any of my wish list items, but maybe you can fix your grammar.
Jennifer M. MacLeod
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We do apologize for this backorder. If you wish to cancel the order please advise.






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