Fw: Shiva's over, family's home, etc

That's all for now, actually.  We're here, the kids got back okay, etc.
Ted has uploaded a bunch of his Israel pics to Facebook, which I can't stand, but anyway:
The three times I have cried since last Wednesday:
~ When the baby wouldn't stop crying on the airplane and I had to keep switching seats because everybody hated me and my screaming baby...
~ When we were at the graveside and I saw the grass under the snow and I have been waiting so long, dying, to see grass or anything alive under all the snow and somehow seeing that they could just shovel off the snow and dig through the turf like that...
~ This morning when shiva ended and the rabbi said now we had to go out of the house and escort his soul, in some way, seeing it off on its journey.  We walked him up to the subway station cuz all the best places to haunt are downtown...  :-)))
We left the rabbi in the house and walked around the block on our own.  When we came back to the street, the rabbi was standing outside waiting, and Abigail joked that if the rabbi came out and saw his shadow, that meant four more weeks of shiva.
We were weeping with laughter by the time we got back to the house.  What a weird family.
<3 J


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