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Fwd: 351607 Back order

How many BS words can you find in the following email, informing me that Elisheva's birthday camera isn't available even though they said two weeks ago that it was...
I'll help out by highlighting!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: 2009/1/5
Subject: 351607 Back order
To: "" <>


Dear Valued [I suspect I'm neither to them!] Online Customer

You recently placed order ### with for product 2516949. We [it's a computer] regret [can you hear it in their voices?] to inform you that this product is on back order. The expected [they really have no clue] shipping date is January 30, 2009. This is an estimated [see?] date only; it is possible that we will receive stock at our warehouse earlier than this date. We [who's writing this letter, again?] apologize [I don't see an apology here] for any inconvenience. [or the poignancy of my daughter not being able to have a bloody camera for her bloody trip to Isrrael...]


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