A happy memory...

From an email to the big kids' grandpa in Calgary...

"Thinking about a ton of stuff the last couple of weeks, but one memory that stood out was of when you were here (it must have been the summer of 2005) and we went to the symphony concert at Harbourfront. While we were waiting for it to begin - Naomi was grouchy and very demanding of my attention - the big kids went walking looking at boats. And I had a moment of anxiety wondering if they were too close to the water or whatever, and then thinking how very safe they were, there with their two grandpas, and how nothing bad could possibly happen to them with you both there watching them. What a rare and wonderful moment that was, though I know it must have been a bittersweet year for you."

(2005 was the year my ex-husband, the big kids' father, died in a drowning accident in Calgary)

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