The Cranky Complaints-Lady Responds to InterTan (Radio Shack aka The Source)

This makes me very angry, as the item in question was a
birthday gift for someone who is going out of the country soon.

I should also add that having purchased in-store-pickup items without trouble from Best Buy and other online retailers, your store is the only one where I have experienced these delays.

Most retailers who claim a product is available and in stock actually mean it: you simply oversold this popular item and is clearly now rushing to fill those orders, at the expense of unsuspecting customers.

This was my first experience shopping online at The Source. I have been so disappointed that I am not likely to come back (to the website or the stores, which are messy, noisy and whose sales staff don't speak English well) anytime soon.

[OK, it sounds racist, but when I called around looking to see if any of the stores had the camera in-stock today, I could barely figure out what they were saying when they picked up. And I don't think it's truly racist if I don't identify or hold any particular grudge about their colour or country of origin. I just like to speak English and have it spoken to me in stores.]

(for what it's worth, I actually phoned yesterday and was told the item ordered was shipping today and would be available in store any day this week... and "definitely no later than Friday")

that last bit was not in my email!
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