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FYI: Windows Update KB950582 problems have wrecked my life

Well, not quite, but our machine got trapped in an endless cycle of update / roll back / reboot / Windows not Genuine as described by another user here: KB950582 killed my Vista machine It downloade… Read more

Wayback Machine? Old foodie post.

Here's a really, REALLY old post from about a million years ago... well, ten at least. All about the food we eat & how I cook.  I had forgotten most of this.  The two kids referred to are, o… Read more

Fw: Vileda Bee mop problem

----- Original Message ----- Sent: Monday, July 28, 2008 3:48 PM Subject: Vileda Bee mop problem
> Two or three months ago, unable to find a refill for our previous mop,
> we purchased… Read more

Too bad it's only got 3 leaves.

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Drat - overfilled the pool AGAIN! And thoughts on hair, my no-'poo secret, etc.

I always resolve to remember to turn off the hose and then I always forget! Well, okay, this is just the second time it's actually overflowed... and it is kind of pretty in a zen-garden kind of w… Read more

Hey, why did that "thumbs" post come up twice?

Weird... I tried to post and it crashed. Guess it hadn't crashed after all.

Here's the result of all the laundry I've been doing the last few days: almost all the serviettes are clean, … Read more

Ad in Now Magazine - The Batty Old Lady strikes again!

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Sent: Monday, July 28, 2008 11:26 AM
Subject: Ad in Now Magazine
First of all, I'm thrilled that the free films are back at H… Read more

And by the way...

YOU try taking pictures of both your thumbs - it's a challenge, let me tell you. :-) Read more

Blisters on thumbs from the new broom!

Gack. I didn't notice the damage until I was finished... this broom really is heavy-duty. Yes, it was Shabbos. I just figured I was sweeping and it didn't hurt or anything until I looked d… Read more

Thumb blisters from the new broom!

Gack. This new heavy-duty broom sure did some damage when I thoroughly swept the driveway... YES, it was Shabbos. I just figured I was sweeping, and didn't notice the injury until I was finishe… Read more

If Gavriel Zev was a triplet...

Cute, yes???
Visited friends Charlene & Jeremy and their twinnies today. It was a celebration of the twins' first birthday and also their new house. Well, kind of new... they moved in back … Read more

It's grass, man...

OK, first of all... what the HECK is going on here??? In the time it took me to type this, I have sneezed FOUR times. Just sitting in the computer corner of the room, apparently, is enough to mak… Read more

Ville de ma naissance! Avec ma famille!

Which means... hey, welcome back to Montreal! It's so rare that four pictures of me taken in a row look half-decent, I pretty much HAD to post them, non?
Moi, ma fille et mes deux grands garcons.… Read more

We're Back! From Ottawa/Montreal!

For ten minutes, at least, and then Ted turned around & took everybody le camping. ;-)
And now I'm blessedly child-free (well, 3 out of 4) for the rest of the week and on into Monday!!! <3 … Read more

New car pics!

These and more new car pics at my picasaweb page here!

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What are you doing with her in the fall???

Already it's starting... people asking if Miss Chooch here is ready for kindergarten yet. They assume she is, since she's almost 3 and a half, but with a February birthday, she's past … Read more

I believe the technical term...

is RIOT. As in this is a RIOT of colour here in this disorganized garden bed. Just for contrast, here's how neat and tidy it looked right when I first planted the alyssum a couple of months a… Read more

Einstein? Or Down Syndrome child?

She either looks brilliant or retarded in this picture. Not sure which. She has "borrowed" YM's glasses and kippah, which he's technically not allowed to permit her to even touch … Read more

Aha! The fungus among us!

The patch of yuck in the garden the other day has been identified by
astute Web helpers as a non-fungal life form known affectionately as
the DOG VOMIT SLIME MOLD!In case you haven't seen enough of… Read more

Ringed with stones!

Here, at last, the pictures of the stones going around the garden bed. Just came inside to shut down for Shabbos. It's an inferno in here, and here's what we're eating for Shabbos food… Read more

Gack. Dying. Heat.

What IS this stuff?!?

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Never did take a picture of the rocks!

Will try to remember in the morning, once again.  :-) Read more

Garden High: Golden Tansy

OK, this plant deserves some credit. It grows like a weed, tall with graceful, ferny foliage in an astonishing lime shade (I wouldn't call it gold, but there you go), attracts wonderful benefici… Read more

Tomato hubris & downfall

Supper: Sausages (Lazer Yitzchok, Mexican-style) with Ace Bakery Bread and garden beans steamed with corn. Not even lightly steamed... oops. But very, very yummy (although texturally no different … Read more

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