Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

What are you doing with her in the fall???

Already it's starting... people asking if Miss Chooch here is ready for kindergarten yet. They assume she is, since she's almost 3 and a half, but with a February birthday, she's past the cutoff.

Nobody seems to like my answer of "just hanging out" in response to what I'm "doing" with her.

And definitely nobody likes my answer of "waiting till the baby is big enough and then the 3 of us are going to just hang out and go cool places together."

OK, maybe I'm overcompensating a bit for sticking the older 2 kids in daycare... but okay. I mean, if you were given a chance to redeem yourself, even if the previous situation was completely not your fault (which I don't completely buy anymore anyway), wouldn't you take it?

If I think daycare / preschool / etc is such a horrible mistake, why wouldn't I take the opportunity to relish the couple of years I have with my children before they will be in other people's care forever?

Hmm... I wonder why it seems to make people uneasy that I'm not ready to stick her in an institution.

Interesting argument from someone today: since Grade One is full-day and Kindergarten is half-day, the kindergarten year is actually essential to build up their tolerance for going to school all day. OK, the person only insinuated that... but still; doesn't sound like a great argument to me. If a five-year-old is not ready to sit in a seat for 8 hours a day or however-long, why would you send them???
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