Ville de ma naissance! Avec ma famille!

Which means... hey, welcome back to Montreal! It's so rare that four pictures of me taken in a row look half-decent, I pretty much HAD to post them, non?
Moi, ma fille et mes deux grands garcons.

Moi et mon garcon.

Moi, forgetting how to say husband (mari?), ma fille, garcon et autre garcon.

Moi, demonstrating mes bras [arms] tres, tres grands. Et les arbres. Et tout l'extent de ma vocabulaire francaise. Luckily, we came down the mountain then before I actually had to say anything French.

Supper at the world-famous Ernie & Ellie's Place on Decarie in the run-down depressing Mall of Broken Dreams that also includes our second-favourite Montreal place, the ever-more depressing Dollar Cinema. Despite the name, they have raised the rates to $2 per movie per person... but the snack bar items remain $1 as ever.

We saw Wallace & Gromit again - saw it in theatres a couple of years ago, but Naomi never saw it, I think, or maybe she was a baby. Then we met Abigail for the aforementioned supper, which was lovely.

They have a $25 tasting menu now, which is ridiculously expensive, but nicer than a buffet because you don't have to get up. Abi acted horrified about the cost, then ordered it and ate a ton. She also acted like she'd never been in a restaurant before, and asked us a bunch of questions about the tasting menu, even though we'd never gotten it before. They do make it complicated, but even I could tell her you are NOT allowed to get the all-you-can-eat menu "to go."

So basically, that was it: arrive, mountain, movie, supper, drive back to Ottawa.

The kids were monsters, all but YM. So I guess that's two monsters and one good kid. I have vowed never to take them on a road trip, or to a restaurant, ever again. Or a movie. I was actually hoping Naomi would sleep through the movie... nice, dark, animated... well, ha ha ha; of course she didn't. She was so hyper and overtired, having napped maybe thirty seconds in the car. The way back was just as much fun; the baby didn't sleep at all and Naomi only slept for the 30 seconds it took for him to start kvetching and crying, and then he woke her up & they both kvetched and cried.

Then, yesterday, we did it again, only for FIVE hours instead of just one. Actually, we made great time. I drove straight through for about 3 hours before we stopped for a potty break and Ted took over the driving, just in time for the heavy rain.
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