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Tomato hubris & downfall

Supper: Sausages (Lazer Yitzchok, Mexican-style) with Ace Bakery Bread and garden beans steamed with corn. Not even lightly steamed... oops. But very, very yummy (although texturally no different from tinned).

So... last week's tomato hubris, my gardener's pride in ripening tomatoes on my super-strong, ultra-vigourous tomato plants has been replaced by...


Yes, like I said last night:
Blossom-End Rot.

I dunno. Three possible causes:
~ Inconsistent watering (check!)
~ Excess nitrogen (umm... maybe, because of all that good worm-casting stuff!)
~ Calcium deficiency (quite likely - check!)

I have never seen it so bad, or widespread, although the cherries (like the ones seen above) still don't seem to be affected.

Anyway, I didn't know whether it was better to leave the rotting tomatoes on the plants or pull them off so it could refocus on making better tomatoes. In the end, I couldn't stand to look at them, so pathetic, and I figured it would make a great picture. So here it is. Twelve (a dozen!) blossom-end-rotted tomatoes, rotting away at the top of the compost pile. I didn't even know there were that many - I couldn't bring myself to count them as I picked. So that's definitely my garden low, once again, for today.

There are still some unaffected tomatoes on a couple of the plants. I watered with milk-water (swish warm dishwater inside the "empty" 2l milk jug) today and will hopefully get to kelp-spray the foliage & floweres in the next day or two in the hopes of providing a boost. Although not a nitrogen boost, hopefully - see cause #2 above.

We all went to see As You Like It tonight at U of T's Philosopher's Walk. It was opening night and PWYC night. Excellent production. Professional-calibre acting, fun musical touches - very near perfect. Ruined, of course, by whiny kids. Gavriel Zev is lousy at this outdoor-theatre thing. He's either miserable, and crying, or thrilled to bits and screaming at the actors. Maybe he'll be an actor himself someday.

<3 J
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