Fw: Vileda Bee mop problem

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Sent: Monday, July 28, 2008 3:48 PM
Subject: Vileda Bee mop problem

> Two or three months ago, unable to find a refill for our previous mop,
> we purchased a new Bee Mop (multi).
> Somehow, after only a few uses, the handle seems to have become
> "detached" inside the bumpy black handle grip. This has made the
> handle very easily bendable and means the mop is almost useless for
> cleaning floors (you can't apply any pressure or the handle will
> wobble!).
> I'm attaching a couple of pictures where I'm applying pressure to the
> handle so you can see how easily it bends - you only need to push a
> little bit; it feels very flimsy now.
> This has never happened to me with any type of mop before - even bee
> mops, which I have used very happily in past. I do enjoy the
> "scrubber" feature of the new mop head, but that feature is virtually
> unusable unless we grasp only the lower portion of the mop, which
> means bending over into a VERY uncomfortable position.
> I would appreciate receiving a new mop or some type of credit which we
> can use towards the purchase of another Bee Mop (which will hopefully
> not break in the middle again!). I'd be happy to return the broken
> mop to any convenient location.
> Thanks in advance!
> whoops - name & address deleted!


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