Ad in Now Magazine - The Batty Old Lady strikes again!

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Sent: Monday, July 28, 2008 11:26 AM
Subject: Ad in Now Magazine
First of all, I'm thrilled that the free films are back at Harbourfront! However, I was appalled at a recent ad in Now Magazine that indicated that these free movies make Tuesdays "suck less."

I don't believe there's any need to stoop to that level - the inarticulate vocabulary of pre-teens - to make the prospect of a free movie sound inviting. It's a FREE MOVIE; you could probably just say "FREE MOVIE" and fill the seats on a decent-weather evening. You don't have to make it sound fun, or hip, or relevant; if it's a decent movie, it will do its own promotion.

I'm also not sure, to address the underlying message of the ad, that Tuesdays actually DO suck. Isn't every moment of life supposed to be precious? Okay, it may sound trite, but our culture's widespread message that every single hour, every single day, every single week is some kind of trial to be "tolerated", "survived" or "gotten through" is a depressing one at best.

Hey, it's Monday today - there's a whole new week ahead! And tomorrow is Tuesday, with a free movie to look forward to (though I probably won't make it - I'd love to see more family-oriented picks in future).

Thanks again for the free films; hope you consider straightening up the ads a bit.

Have a great week! :-)

Jennifer M. MacLeod
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