Hey, why did that "thumbs" post come up twice?

Weird... I tried to post and it crashed. Guess it hadn't crashed after all.

Here's the result of all the laundry I've been doing the last few days: almost all the serviettes are clean, sorted & stacked up. What a hodge-podge! But believe it or not, we go through almost all of these in a typical week. If only they all matched... Elisheva would certainly be happy.

Rabbi Posen had a heart attack. Say Tehillim for Yosef Ezriel ben Chava Rus.
I'm shocked - he's been walking from Lawrence down to Eglinton every single Shabbos, Yom Tov, etc, for I don't know how long. So youngish, healthyish... well, of course, that happens. But still: saddened. I should say tehillim instead of posting here. :-(
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