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A week in menus (at least)...

Haven't been updating this because the baby and now I have a cold, and I'm thoroughly depressed about money. It's 1:53 and I'm still in my nightgown; didn't go out to baby playgr… Read more

Update (been a while!) - Random Free-Association Post

Oy! Time has flown. Lots of articles in this week's CJN, but it's been SO busy with other stuff. Crazy!

Last week, where to begin?

Anniversary on Tuesday
Broken tooth on Thursday
Kids sick
Ted sic… Read more

Digging out from under Laundry Mountain...

The table is piled high with laundry! There are about ten different piles. The scary thing is, this isn't a month's worth of laundry, or a week's worth... it's yesterday's laundry… Read more

More addictions!

Flax seeds - they're everywhere these days! Smaller and more slippery than a sunflower seed, bigger and more substantial than a sesame seed. And full of Omega-3's, they say...

And, totally u… Read more

And the big bday present this year is...

Random thoughts:
Nosiness and curiousity are so close to being flip sides of the same coin...
A person's insatiable desire to learn is something they say wonderful things about in eulogies... but t… Read more


Gave a workshop today at the Betel Centre about buying/selling on eBay. Only 4 people (out of nine "registered") showed up... but they were very involved and interested, so that's okay… Read more

Re: Test post to Blogger

Kind of a "nothing" day... I always feel like Monday and Tuesday are recovering-from-the-weekend days.

Baby playgroup at the shul. $7 seems like a lot for babies to sit around and play for … Read more

Done, done, done!

This week is looking way rosier than last week (the end, anyway). We have a "new" washing machine! It works great! The clothes were starting to get dingy... my criterion for a good washer i… Read more

Broken Washing Machine Frantic Sad Day

Yes... the demise of a terrible washing machine CAN have that much of an impact on my life. More about the washer later.

Otherwise, it was already a crazy day - I was out tutoring this morning and go … Read more

Addicted to... raves page

Only one so far:

YU organic basmati rice milk - costs a fortune... maybe if I get a blender for my birthday, I will figure out how to make this. Pur rice, no sugar added, so this is kind of a guilt-fr… Read more

Swimming Lessons! & HB to me!

Today was Naomi's third swimming lesson - my 2nd. I couldn't take her last week, since I was doing a workshop at the Betel Centre. What a fun time! The pool water was cold so it was only a 1/… Read more

Cast of Characters

I don't like coming "cold" into a blog without knowing who's who... you know, you're reading along and all of a sudden, Phoebe does something and you're like, "who'… Read more

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