More addictions!

Flax seeds - they're everywhere these days! Smaller and more slippery than a sunflower seed, bigger and more substantial than a sesame seed. And full of Omega-3's, they say...

And, totally unrelated:

Infomercials - I will watch and kinda half-believe almost any infomercial, especially for kitchen products!

Does it work? websites - This is the most redeeming feature of the Internet; the professionals who check out all those infomercial claims for me so I don't (often) get sucked in... of course, epinions, a recent eBay acquisition, is also great...


Friday: Terra-chip chicken (terra chips ground in the food processor), zucchini latkes (zukes, carrots, potatoes, onion, all grated in the food processor), corn, soup (carrots and celery sliced in the food processor) (1000 kneidlach - matzah balls - made by ECH who accidentally doubled the recipe!).

Shabbos Lunch: Nothing much - bagels, cream cheese, assorted salads. ECH made peanut butter tea biscuit "salad"

Motzaei Shabbos: Fish sticks (well, fillets), instant macaroni in a cup, nothing much else. Crying kids, not too hungry.


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