Update (been a while!) - Random Free-Association Post

Oy! Time has flown. Lots of articles in this week's CJN, but it's been SO busy with other stuff. Crazy!

Last week, where to begin?

Anniversary on Tuesday
Broken tooth on Thursday
Kids sick
Ted sick

Those are the highlights.
I tutored on Thursday, busy-busy with baby stuff Tues/Wed... no time for a breather after turning in those articles on Monday!
Meals were all over the place and I have no clue what we ate when.

The broken tooth was highly traumatic - cried all over Ted for 2 hours Thursday night because I was sure my life was over - his insurance hasn't kicked in yet, I hate my dentist, I'm scared to have anybody poking about in my mouth. Friday morning, first thing, I called my mother and she recommended a dentist who is close by on Eglinton. I called at 8:15 and he said he could take me if I came right away.

Dd1 was home sick from school so I abandoned her here with a cup of tea, scooped up dd2 to bring to my mother's and we were on our way!
Anyway, the dentist said I'd just lost a filling and he could do a temporary one right away. By 10:00 am, all was right with the world and I was on a euphoric high all weekend. He seems like a nice dentist, better than the last one, who went at me with jackhammers...

So I skated on Sunday with Sara and the kids. First skate of the season... calves were sore. And there's only a month or so left to go... sigh.

Now, though, we're having a crazy time looking for my snap press... it's in a box with a bunch of snaps and some other things and neither of us have any CLUE where it is. I need it because I have some period pads that I made as a gift for Sara - not originally, but they're here, so I want to give them to her - but they're not much good without snaps...

Speaking of which, I am working up my courage to call the sewing machine place and see about getting my serger. It's been in for repairs since September, but it's so !$#!^ frustrating when I go to use it and it's still not right. Same as my tooth; after a while, I just gave up and stopped going to the dentist. After a while, I gave up on the serger and have left it there almost 6 months. :-(((

Maybe next week I'll call them.

Bought cubes to make a cubes-and-coroplast guinea pig cage as shown here, but it's much bigger than I thought it would be. I know they need space, but they won't fit in Elisheva's bedroom if I build this whole cage. Also went to Value Village to find more navy trousers for YM; they're in the laundry right now.

Speaking of laundry, I'm in the middle of documenting our laundry mountain...I'll try to attach a "before" picture to this post and maybe an "after" picture when I'm done for the week (hopefully tomorrow!).

Gift package from Ted's parents arrived with clothes and b-day goodies for everybody! More pink for the baby; Ted thinks his mom just goes to Sears and buys everything out.

Our anniversary was lovely - my mother came and we had umami for supper and then a movie (cliché, but still a pleasure...) - Memoirs of a Geisha.

Must run and eat lunch. Cannot believe this whole crazy week is just about over...

Suppers this week:

Monday - leftover s/s chicken meatballs from Shabbos, leftover fish from Shabbos (the kids had the fish), basmati rice, chicken/corn soup
Tuesday - impromptu "casserole" - ww bowties with creamy sauce made of the rest of the cottage cheese (not much), cream cheese (not much), spicy braided mozzarella (yum!), evaporated milk (lots), garlic (lots), salt and pepper.
Wednesday - that's tonight... no clue.


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