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Kind of a "nothing" day... I always feel like Monday and Tuesday are recovering-from-the-weekend days.

Baby playgroup at the shul. $7 seems like a lot for babies to sit around and play for an hour, and the songs were exactly the same as last week. But Naomi loved it; she was exhausted and sat the whole playtime staring in awe of the baby (couple of weeks older than her) who was starting to walk.

That baby's mama saw Naomi just sitting there like a lump, so (I guess to make me feel better) asked if she was saying any words yet - like maybe she's good at something else, right? And I'm like (in my head) "only if 'grrlabbbbbababa' is a word, lady." But then I remembered - doh! - and got to brag after all: "she says 'more' and 'music' in sign language." And she did, too, during snack time a few minutes later!

After a bit of juice, a cracker and some applesauce, she perked up a bit and crawled around during music. Attacked and started licking another mama's boot before I noticed what she was doing (thought she was just leaning over to maul the baby - doh again!).

The boots were suede; I didn't know if the stain of my baby's licking would come out, but then felt guilty because I should worry more about the baby ingesting toxic road salt than the boot contacting toxic baby saliva.

Walked down Eglinton after that in search of supper ingredients ... not much luck. Cursed myself for moving from an area with two accessible grocery stores with kosher sections to an area with 1500 spas and hair salons within spitting distance. The other day, walking home from shul, YM spotted a computer store with a sign outside that they are now doing hair in their back room - is there really demand for so many beauty specialists in this area?

Then we came home, sat around and... what? The rest of the day is a blur. Baby slept right away - no poo all morning, so I was nervous she'd do it in her sleep (she holds it in until she loses voluntary control, is my theory). Did some laundry, washed some dishes.

Oh! Reheated curry in a packet and served it to myself over rice for lunch - yummy... really have no idea where the rest of the day went.

Received the third of three pairs of BabyLegs I ordered through a co-op. They're legwarmers for babies (remember, as in the 80's, when Jack Frost was apparently - judging from old photos - nipping at all our ankles?) (remember, you weren't allowed - for fashion reasons - to hike them up past your anklebone?)

The three we have are: green jester, rainbow stripe and hearts. Will add pics when I get a chance, hopefully... love these, though the jester is my favourite. The other two feel kind of squinchy to me; too tight for fatty thighs, plus a bit polyester-ish. But maybe they will loosen up with washing. The green jester is nice and loose and soft on the inside.

Ooooh... package from HarperCollins publishers today. I am reviewing a book by Sarah Chana Radcliffe for the CJN and I called yesterday to request a review copy. They phoned back to verify my details and I was thoroughly not dressed, speaking to the book company rep like the freelance-writing professional I truly am, deep down inside... and then it arrived today! Looks like a good book; she's written others, but I think this is her first by a mainstream publisher. I should just have Ted read it - he's her biggest fan.

Arts & Crafts Day committee meeting of the kids' school today. A&C Day is the strangest thing ever... not a fundraiser; it's just supposed to break even. We mamas get together like sixteen times in the months leading up to this momentous event in February. We slave to prepare 200 of five quick craft projects and then the kids come in for two hours, pay their admission fee, eat some snacks, slap together the crafts and head home. I guess it appeals to the crafty mama in me, but my kids are too old now to actually participate. ECH was mortified that I'd make her go, but I said she was old enough to volunteer and this seemed to mollify her.

Tonight's activity (A&C Day is over a month away still) was cutting donated upholstery fabric in the shape of plus signs to cover cereal-box ends, which will transform them into gorgeous, tapestried bentcher boxes. When the kiddies arrive next month, all they'll have to do is slap a box onto a piece of fabric, tape the fabric on, tie a ribbon around it, and go home.

I missed the actualy day last year because Naomi was only 6 days old... she was born during the kids' midwinter vacation. I felt bad because I'd promised to be there, so Ted went in my place and supervised kiddies doing crafts. Lucky him!

Speaking of kiddies... another detention for YM. Seventh late this term. Ted got him there on time but YM says we make him put his coat in his locker, that's what makes him late. If he doesn't put his coat in his locker, it gets lost. Can't win. ECH wandered around the house distracted all evening because her agenda was lost... and I kept saying, "look on the computer desk." Finally, I came over here and sure enough, there it was - it had been put over here before Shabbos to tidy the entranceway.

Anyway, this is actually no time to blog... we have heaters in the back bedrooms now so I set the house temperature to go down to 15 after 10 pm... like now. So my room is pretty toasty, but the rest of the house - brrr....

Oh, yeah. The baby stayed dry through her entire nap and peed / pooed when she woke up. Yay! The rest of the afternoon, we had a few potty-pees, but late afternoon and early evening were pretty much a write-off, potty-wise. Looking forward to when she can get there under her own steam - it can't be far off now.

Supper: Lasagna, using yummy roasted-tomato sauce left over from last week, plus "French" onion soup


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