And the big bday present this year is...

Random thoughts:
Nosiness and curiousity are so close to being flip sides of the same coin...
A person's insatiable desire to learn is something they say wonderful things about in eulogies... but the flip side is being a controlling, nosy, poky-minded b.


The ceaselessness of dishes and laundry is no longer bothering me. Of course, that still doesn't mean they're getting done every day. :-)

But it doesn't grind me down the same way if I put in the "last" load of laundry for the week, come upstairs, and find, say, a diaper or a pair of something that didn't "quite" make it into the hamper.


So... the big birthday present? From my parents, of course...
An amazing new Cuisinart 14-cup (that's big) food processor. I am so thrilled to have a brand and I have yet to find a review that's much less than five stars anywhere on the web. It is a fabulous black-matte metal colour; it look like a professional appliance.

I had originally planned to buy an extra disk and bowl for dairy (grating cheese, etc). But that would be over $100 extra, which is a heck of a lot of cheese, so I think I'll just stick with the Starfrit hand cranked chopper. A little broken after several years, but still in use almost every day. And if it does break, it now comes in a cool black colour.

It is SO cold in here I can barely type. The temperature is set to go down to 16 during the day (while we're "out") and up to 18 in the evening (still too cold). I didn't want to be paying to heat the house just because I'm home with the baby.

*** Supper: Red-pepper quiche, creamy corn soup (Imagine) from a package (Ted thought we should try it). Leftover dessert pizza (see last night's entry) for the kids' dessert - a treat since they don't usually get dessert of supper. On Thursday nights, we need all the sugar-help we can get.

That's because Thursdays are Library Night, when we all schlep over to our local branch, haul in old books and haul back a load of new ones. Always lots of happiness for young and old. Fun, fun, fun!


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