A week in menus (at least)...

Haven't been updating this because the baby and now I have a cold, and I'm thoroughly depressed about money. It's 1:53 and I'm still in my nightgown; didn't go out to baby playgroup because of our cold. I think I'm the only considerate parent in that respect - not to mention that it's cold outside and I didn't feel like going. :-)


I'd like to keep up with the menus, if only so I'll have something to look back on during weeks when I'm feeling uninspired.

SUNDAY: homemade spaghetti w/leftover sundried tomato sauce (tinned sauce with an onion and a few sundried tomatoes thrown in, then blended) and leftover creamy sweet potato soup from last week. OH! And chocolate pasta for dessert, with the most amazing frugal almond sauce!

MONDAY: stirfried chicken with a TON of veggies; basmati rice; chicken soup

TUESDAY (tonight): steamed turbot... not sure exactly what I'm going to do with it yet.

The good news is that my serger is working - a bit - and I've been making more Rony Pony pads. Both machines are set up in the basement, taking up space in the apartment we're supposed to be renting out to bring in much-needed $$$... but in the meantime, it's SOooo nice not having them on the dining room table, putting them away every time we eat, or everybody eating around the serger, like last summer. It's so sensitive; it really doesn't work well if you have to store it between uses. I wonder where I'll set them up if we do rent out the basement - the laundry room, maybe.


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