Broken Washing Machine Frantic Sad Day

Yes... the demise of a terrible washing machine CAN have that much of an impact on my life. More about the washer later.

Otherwise, it was already a crazy day - I was out tutoring this morning and go out again this evening, all trying to make some money plus "keep a hand in" for the intellectual stimulation. Sara (my sister) came to watch Naomi, which was a pleasure... she's so calm and good with the baby. I hurried back but it still took 1/2 hour longer than I thought it would and the baby was crying and ready for num nums (nursing).

But then the washing machine was broken. Actually, I discovered that first thing this morning when I went to use it, but then it was preoccupying me, hanging over my head like a gloomy cloud. There's another one in the garage, but it's a crazy-hard thing to get it inside and hook it up and Ted doesn't know who he'll ask to help him carry it. Meanwhile, I discovered it was broken (the knob doesn't turn) as I went downstairs to wash diapers. Meaning - there are no clean diapers. Eek!

New baby wants: patemm diaper changing pad... lovely round shape, lovely oilcloth prints. Starts at about $40 us... ha ha ha. Like the Bugaboo, it's hot right now because all the movie stars have one. They probably get them for free. It's one of those smart ideas that everybody wishes they'd come up with - change pad and diaper bag all in one, kind of.

Of course, since Naomi is my third baby, I'll change her anywhere I can lay her down and I've learned that if the surface is hard enough, she won't wriggle out of the way. Isn't that terrible? A bathroom floor is best - ceramic tiles under her head and she'd stay put for hours. Trying to change her on the bed is worst - she sees me coming, grins and scampers off. I do use a waterproof/flannel pad when I change her on the floor, btw. In case you think I change babies on the floor floor.

In the last paragraph, I accidentally spelled her name Namoi - stupid broken keyboard that boy uses for online games! - but it looked kind of cool... like a space-alien name.

Can you tell I'm procrastinating?
Supposed to be writing three articles:
~ pharmaceutical compounding
~ longterm care health insurance
~ midwifery in Ontario

Two new articles out today in the CJN:
~ mind, body, soul in medicine (interesting short lecture I went to last month)
~ local vegan bakery goes kosher (badly butchered in a couple of places - not my fault!)

More recent articles
~ psychologist on children's anger (very short lecture I attended last month). Everybody at shul made a big deal about this, like, "oh, you write?" and it's highly embarrassing because duh...yes, I write!
~ Breastfeeding Clinic Closure... went to this guy when YM (ds) was a newborn - it's a shame all the hospitals here have shut him down. Send an email here (hope this is the right link!) if you can help or write a letter of support!

Supper tonight:
Macaroni, tinned Campbell's (kosher) soup, tinned green beans

Last night:
Pasta with roasted-tomato sauce, spicy corn chowder

Tuesday night:
Steak soup with tons of veggies - crusty baguette bread

Monday night:
Steak on the barbecue (my amazing Weber Q Grill!), mashed potatoes, stir-fried multicolour peppers

So you can see, tonight's macaroni-and-leftovers is a BIG step down from our usual... :-((( But everybody deserves a break sometimes. :-)

While I was typing this, the baby - three feet away - was in her highchair diaperless (because of the laundry situation - she just peed and I figured I'd save some work) except then she pooed everywhere. Runny, carroty - never seen her do THAT before. Every day is a new and disgusting journey of discovery.

Most went in the potty, but still... ick.
More about our potty stuff another day. Somebody has to make supper.


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