Addicted to... raves page

Only one so far:

YU organic basmati rice milk - costs a fortune... maybe if I get a blender for my birthday, I will figure out how to make this. Pur rice, no sugar added, so this is kind of a guilt-free addiction, for once!


Okay, it's pretty trite, but Robeez baby soft shoes. They work better than any others I've tried - in 11 years of parenting experience, mind you! I have 6-12 months: Lion, Butterfly, Teddy Bear. Plus, I have one in the next size up... 12-18 months (forget which one). I prefer the animals, in general, and only buy them secondhand, as the prices are scandalous new. HATE the Booteez or however they spell them, though. What non-walking baby needs boots in the winter?


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