Gave a workshop today at the Betel Centre about buying/selling on eBay. Only 4 people (out of nine "registered") showed up... but they were very involved and interested, so that's okay. Sometimes, the ones who do show up feel sorry for you so they try extra-hard to be "good" students. :-)

Started late because I wanted to wait 'till 9:15 in case people would come, but no-one else did - there was some snow on the ground this morning and that always makes seniors want to stay at home. And then I talked until 11:30 straight with only a short bathroom break.

Very hoarse now; hope it's just from talking at people and not from actual disease.

Going to write an article for CJN about Beech-Nut baby foods which are now available in Canada... but turned down for my query about restaurant-bathroom reviews (darn), and also about Krispy Kreme (where have all the KK's in the GTA gone?) because they just ran an article last week about how successful KK has been here in Canada. Umm...I can't even find a KK anymore!

The donuts are made in a central location and sold in gas stations and WalMart, sure, but the two actual stores I knew of near anything good are both boarded up (Cosco on Wilson and Richmond Hill). Brand-new stores, too. What a shame.

Supper: Shepherd's pie, tinned peas, tinned Campbell's veggie soup (yes, again! I wish there was more variety)

Now we're making a "dessert pizza" and going off to finish watching our romantic comedy o' the week... how pathetic is it that we can't even watch a whole movie in one sitting anymore? Too tired, too distracted. The dessert pizza is kind of good, if a little sickly-sweet. A big cinnamony crust with packets of strawberry and apple goo. The apples has lots of chunks of real apple; the strawberry has strawberry bits, too. You smear them on the crust and bake it, then drizzle on the icing. Nice.

I sent Ted to Kosher City for it because I was looking forward all afternoon to popcorn with the movie, and then I realized we just had meat. No, I won't eat that pareve popcorn stuff. No, no, no. So dessert pizza it is.



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