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Writing With Spite!

Here’s my concept for a writing course that would work super-well for angry little homeschoolers!  Like GZ sometimes is when he’s disrespected… and frankly, being three-ish feet tall and super-cute, … Read more

Look what I found in my Playbook!

Just shlumped down at the table late last night, procrastinating, and pressed a button – almost at random - on my Blackberry Playbook, only to discover… a kid!!!  Elisheva has one too, and was sittin… Read more

What My Children Learned Today

Geocaching doesn’t work.  We went straight to the exact coordinates, I swear!  I have a witness; I went with a friend who found out about this cache and everything (screenshot at left indicating that… Read more

Shameless self-promotion (aka “Buy my books – I’ve made it easy”!)

I have just shifted a bunch of books from Lulu to Amazon, as well as making a couple of new ones available that were sitting in the “almost ready to go live” hopper.They all have “Look Inside!” enabl… Read more

Death and Taxes – not hand in hand after all…

I won’t go on at length, because my blog is “niche” enough already, but I have been dreading signing up to self-publish on CreateSpace (an Amazon company) because I’d heard that they withhold tax at … Read more

Two new curricula: Spelling and…

What?!  Adding curricula?  Am I nuts?Well, first things first.  Naomi finished the Explode the Code series a month or so ago and I wanted to move her into a series of phonetically rule-based spelling… Read more

If wishes were fishes…

(Or, how I secretly want to continue homeschooling once we arrive in Israel… but you knew that already, didn’t you?)I wasn’t sure where to post this, and actually began posting it to my aliyah blog, … Read more

Inconsistencies, rainbows and lobster-eaters

Read more

Did you know? Jewish Student’s Book of the Centuries for History study

Nearly 3 years ago, with great trepidation, I released my first printable that wasn’t free:  a Book of Centuries.  More heavily influenced by Charlotte Mason then than I am now, I wanted my kids to d… Read more

One more parsha resource… (Targum Onkelos, Aramaic translation)

Somebody at the homeschool conference (maybe it was Rabbi Dr. Pinchas Hayman? but I’d hate to misquote somebody) pointed out that learning Parsha with Onkelos (Onkelos was a well-known convert most f… Read more

FREE Parsha Skills Worksheets – Chukas

Doing this early because a) we’re going away, and b) it’s not too hard to do these when I’m on a roll.  Next week’s 6-page workbook focuses on the following Hebrew / English words:הִכָּה- hit
יָד - ha… Read more

FREE Parsha Skills Worksheets – Korach

This week’s 6 pages of worksheets focus on the following Hebrew / English words:פָּתַח - opened
פֶּה - mouth
בָּלַע - swallowed
אָדָּם - man, person
קרַֹח - Korach
רְכוּשׁ - possession, stuff
אֵת - [not in… Read more

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