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FREE Parsha Skills Worksheets – Korach

This week’s 6 pages of worksheets focus on the following Hebrew / English words:

פָּתַח - opened
פֶּה - mouth
בָּלַע - swallowed
אָדָּם - man, person
קרַֹח - Korach
רְכוּשׁ - possession, stuff
אֵת - [not in English!]
אֲשֶּׁר - that,which

Points of grammar include feminine prefixes / suffixes and the role of the preposition אֵת.  (In case you didn’t know, it “introduces a semantically definite direct object” – yeah, that didn’t help me, either.)  Here’s a sneak preview:


As always, if you use these and they work, or don’t work, please let me know how I can make them even better!  Oh, and since I’m not a grammarian or anything close, please let me know if you spot any booboos.  Yes, it’s been known to happen, even to the best of us.

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