One more parsha resource… (Targum Onkelos, Aramaic translation)

Somebody at the homeschool conference (maybe it was Rabbi Dr. Pinchas Hayman? but I’d hate to misquote somebody) pointed out that learning Parsha with Onkelos (Onkelos was a well-known convert most famous for his “Targum” or translation of the Torah into Aramaic) makes an excellent introduction to Aramaic, ideal for developing skills and vocabulary that can later be used in Mishna and Gemara (Talmud).

To test this theory, I have created a 1-page supplement for my weekly Parsha Skills Worksheets, with the same verse broken down three ways:  in Hebrew, in Aramaic, and in English.  There’s also a little “vocabulary” bubble at the top-right corner, with a few new words introduced each week.

I’ve done two of these so far, for this week and next:  Korach and Chukas.  Sneak previews:

 image image

These were a bit harder than my usual stuff because my knowledge of Aramaic is hovering right around zilch.  If you spot a mistake, please let me know gently.  :-)

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