FREE Parsha Skills Worksheets – Chukas

Doing this early because a) we’re going away, and b) it’s not too hard to do these when I’m on a roll.  Next week’s 6-page workbook focuses on the following Hebrew / English words:

הִכָּה- hit
יָד - hand
סֶּלַע - rock
רוּם  - raise
מַטֵּה – stick, staff
פַּעַם - time (but not telling time!)
יָצָא - come out
שָׁתָה - drink

Grammar notes include suffixes for gender and possession (I describe it in a kid-friendly way, I promise!) and the “ayim” plural for twos.

Here’s a sneak preview:


As always, if you use these and they work, or don’t work, please let me know how I can make them even better.  And since I am not a professional, please let me know if you spot any booboos – I promise I won’t hold it against you.

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