Friday, June 21, 2013

Writing With Spite!

IMG_00001946Here’s my concept for a writing course that would work super-well for angry little homeschoolers!  Like GZ sometimes is when he’s disrespected… and frankly, being three-ish feet tall and super-cute, he gets disrespected a lot; Naomi snickers at just about every thing he says, and he takes it VERY personally.

IMG_00001943The thing is, he’s a kid who really doesn’t like writing, though he will resort to it at times when he has something super-important and official to say.  Like when he got angry at us this morning and decided to punish us by selling everything important, starting with his GZ Cape (being in Canada, this is pronounced “jee-zed,” in case you’re curious).  And he used colons when he made the list!  I don’t know if he’s ever used these before.

(the other items he sold – in his dreams:  schoolie [our schoolwork together], family, Naomi)

He used more colons in a short letter (above) he wrote to tell Naomi Rivka exactly how he felt about her.  They’re allowed one envelope a day (I had to cap it or we would have deforested the continent just with the kids’ daily envelope consumption!), and he used up today’s for an important message affectionately addressed, “dear vomit.”

Is it weird that I am mainly just proud that his handwriting has come along so nicely???

So what do you think; forget Writing With Ease… I should harness this anger somehow and make this work as a writing course for sensitive kids!  Like, “today, we will learn about salutations – ‘dear vomit’ – and the proper use of the colon:  after every precious item you want to sell to show just how mad you are.  Now write a list!”

Or maybe not.  Calling your sister “vomit” probably isn’t the sort of thing most parents want to encourage…