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Neat Cheap Garden Marker Idea

Idea stolen liberally from this British blog.  (I love the word “beetroot”!)I may actually do this – I mean, how cheap are these wooden spoons???They wouldn’t last forever, but they’re way better tha… Read more

Wintersowing follow-up

I had forgotten this from last year:  for some reason, the exciting part of wintersowing is the sowing, not so much the sprouting.I think I know why, too… because when you sow the world is white and … Read more

Laughing all the way to the grave

Got this a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t get a chance to post it... here is the official proof from the monument place for the stone that will be laid on my father's grave. My mother emailed it… Read more


Tulip kisses?Double daffodils?Svetlana does not approve. Read more

Recent garden acquisitions

I know I mentioned most of these already, but it’s so much better in pictures…Home Depot was selling these clichéd emerald cedars (Smaragd?)  for $14.99, so my mother picked me up one in return for p… Read more

Testing… and Rhubarb

What could go better together than a new blog editor (Windows Live Writer by Microsoft) and my new crop of rhubarb?  Okay, strawberries and rhubarb is the more traditional pairing, but what the heck.… Read more

Supper: First BBQ of the season!

Ted spent the BEAUTIFUL day clearing out the garage, culminating in finding (rescuing?) the BBQ and hauling it out for the first "Q" of the season! Hot dogs, hamburgers, and even a couple of… Read more

Things not working today

~ Phone line (!) - I was wondering why Ted hadn't called... no fair, not our fault (this time) - we don't owe them any money and haven't for a while!!! (June p.s.  later fixed, which is g… Read more

The vermicomposter is here

Through Craigslist, I have purchased/inherited this lovely homemade vermicomposter.

It comes from the owner of this blog.

I have mixed feelings on vermicomposting in general. More trouble than it's… Read more

Adventures in Daylilies!

A miscellaneous late-night search for "daylilies toronto" found a guy practically right around the corner from here who sells daylilies, mostly mail-order, from three locations in the GTA.

H… Read more

Ad on Craigslist

Just saw an ad with the heading "oversize stuffed horse" and thought, "how judgmental." Who's to say what the exact right size is for a stuffed horse???  :-) We have our compute… Read more

And then

I painstakingly gathered all the information that I need for today (I'm at the library) in a Word document, then logged off without printing it.  No warning, nothing.  Anyway, now I'm done - … Read more

Hating Vista with a passion

A "simple" download and install of Service Pack 1 - actual, licensed, Microsoft software, through the microsoft website, turns out to be the most malicious code that could possibly have got… Read more

Pretty, pretty horseradish

A couple of days ago (Tuesday?), I divided my single chunk of horseradish (rooted from a top pulled from my mother's garden, started from a top she rooted in 2007) into four, so I can keep some a… Read more

Wood in the kitchen

I'm feeling like praising everyday objects today, so here we are:
wooden kitchen utensils. Several per package at the dollar store -
scrapers, spoons, and the really big spoon-thing we call The Sp… Read more

The front yard through history

This is the first spring picture I can find , I think... maybe spring of 2007?
I don't think it's from 2006, because then the tree was brand-new, and the mulch looks a year old in this shot.

An… Read more

Weird / shudder...

I'm not reading much into this, but I happened to be searching my blog for pictures of my irises (see the next post for why), and found this entry from early June, 2008 - right before my father&#… Read more

Which 6 plants couldn't you live without?

This blog (which I've never seen or read before) has set off a bit of a meme in the smallish world of gardening by challenging 10 garden bloggers to write about:The Six Plants I Can't Live Wi… Read more

The weather poster

When we bought this ($1, Dollarama), I felt it was lacking an insert for "Night." I realize "Night" isn't weather, but kids can't really always see the weather at night, a… Read more

What are we wearing?

In a stroke of zany brilliance, I realized we have been discussing the weather every day for a while now, but not tying it in to the other part of the picture - what we choose to wear outside.

So I ha… Read more

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