Recent garden acquisitions

I know I mentioned most of these already, but it’s so much better in pictures…

DSC03056Home Depot was selling these clichéd emerald cedars (Smaragd?)  for $14.99, so my mother picked me up one in return for planting her two, which are now sitting expectantly in her backyard where brambly roses once grew.

I’m calling it Big Daddy.

Other newcomers this week:


Heliotrope!  At last!  (two of them) My intention is to dig it and overwinter at least part of it indoors, ‘cuz I hate the thought of replacing them every single year.



DSC03071Vinca – variegated, to light up the corner where I have mostly green vinca growing now.





DSC03068White Bleeding Heart – lovely!





And now here come the daylilies, added on Friday as mentioned in this post.

Gay CravatDSC03080






DSC03082Startle (x2)DSC03079





DSC03081Pandora’s Box

(with a spare “weed” strawberry)




DSC03097Compare those beautiful healthy plants, at $5 apiece, with these pathetic straggly Night Beacon daylilies which cost over $10 for 2 packages (this is both packages, right here, what you see in this pathetic picture).

Blah.  Why by plants at Home Depot again???


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