Neat Cheap Garden Marker Idea

temp_spoon_markersIdea stolen liberally from this British blog.  (I love the word “beetroot”!)

I may actually do this – I mean, how cheap are these wooden spoons???

They wouldn’t last forever, but they’re way better than popsicle sticks or the multicoloured plastic markers I bought last year.  The dark colours (red, blue) were so hard to write on visibly!

Plus, I like the idea of tossing the markers in the compost bin when they wear out.  I’m sick of finding little white tags everywhere I look. 

Naomi does love them, though.  She collects them and feeds them to her cow - or something.  There’s a whole pile of them right now in the “trunk” of her little toy car.  More souvenirs… she’s always picking up souvenirs…


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