Testing… and Rhubarb

DSC03066What could go better together than a new blog editor (Windows Live Writer by Microsoft) and my new crop of rhubarb?  Okay, strawberries and rhubarb is the more traditional pairing, but what the heck.  The rhubarb is doing incredibly well this year!  I think this (year 3) is the first we will actually be able to pick a few!!!

So far, I am enjoying the WYSIWYG capacity of this editor, which includes my own blog colours, fonts, etc.


DSC03046Unlike Picasa’s blog post editor, it seems to allow me to dynamically include additional pictures – like this one!  And specify how I want individual pictures to be aligned.  Which blogger itself never seems to let me do.

With Picasa, you have to select your pictures before hitting the BLOG button.  Otherwise, you have to ctrl-C everything you’ve typed, close the edit box, select the additional pictures, then carry on.

Picasa also limits your posts arbitrarily to four pictures.

So what are those books in the picture?

(up there… crane your neck way up!)

Those are the new kiddie books by Jan Pienkowski that I ordered – the big red one from Amazon.ca, and the three slightly smaller ones on eBay.  Less than $20 and they’re beautiful, shiny and new.

Oooh, this blog editor puts typos like kiddie, pienkowski, and “oooh” in bold print with the squiggly underline I have grown to hate so much in MSWord.

What it doesn’t seem to have included are the “span” tags in my template that allow me to include a short version of each blog post on the main page, with a “read more” link for those very select few who choose to read further.

Well, that is a pain.  And now, to click… what?  Send?  Save?  Ah!  “Post draft to blog.”  And see what it does.  (correction – there is a big “Publish” button in the top-left corner; that is the one I’m about to push!)

Oh – supper!  Not rhubarb just yet, but…

Chili with cornbread on top.

We love chili and cornbread, and Ted’s brother is staying with us, so I can make a huge quantity of it so he can have leftovers when he arrives at 9:30.

Funny; nobody here likes cornbread all that much, or chili.  But if I make both together in a pan, it goes SO fast… weird.


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