What are we wearing?

In a stroke of zany brilliance, I realized we have been discussing the weather every day for a while now, but not tying it in to the other part of the picture - what we choose to wear outside.

So I hauled all the littles' jackets out of the front-hall closet and laid them out with the corresponding inserts from our front-hall weather poster. Then, I took their pictures together. (YM was home writing his math midterm - he thought I'd lost it for sure, taking the jackets' pictures)

Finally, I printed the pictures out and stuck them on the down door so they'll be prominently visible when we're getting ready to go out.

So now Naomi has an easy, visual way to decide "for herself" which outerwear to choose.

I guess this is a good season to start tying it together like this... just realized the reason I haven't really done anything like this so far is because we have been mostly in winter jackets since we bought the weather poster.

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