The weather poster

When we bought this ($1, Dollarama), I felt it was lacking an insert for "Night." I realize "Night" isn't weather, but kids can't really always see the weather at night, and if there's one for "Sunny", why not "Moony"?

Anyway, luckily Ted agreed and didn't have me committed or anything, so here's the sign he made for "Night" on the back of one of the regular daytime ones.

The black marker ran out so you can see he left the bottom a little unfinished. Probably because I kept nagging at him that the right side didn't need to be filled in at all. So he filled in everything until the second the marker died, then left it all scrawly to make his point (that being "it does so need to be filled in").

Ah, how petty we smug marrieds can be.
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