Pretty, pretty horseradish

A couple of days ago (Tuesday?), I divided my single chunk of horseradish (rooted from a top pulled from my mother's garden, started from a top she rooted in 2007) into four, so I can keep some and give some away...and already it has started growing tufts around four separate "nuclei."

This all looked like all one plant a few days ago - now, it is three thriving plants and one (bottom-right) that just needs a few more days to find its sea legs.

It's in a mushroom container, by the way. No holes, just a dish of water. I love these mushroom containers! Punch holes, it's a seed-starting flat; no holes, any number of fantastic garden-related uses.

This plant seems to have two totally different kind of shoots: "frilly" early shoots and then the real thing: no-nonsense upright serrated leaves. You can see a single serrated leaf starting to stick up in the top-right corner of this photo. I guess that means it probably wants planting out into soil.

No way is something this quick to root going anywhere near my garden. Into a container for you, young man... or is horseradish a lady?Anyway, with a plant this tough, I could probably just stick it in a pot outdoors and it would do fine. May's a week away, but there are no frosts that I can see on the weather horizon.

Other than its rampant weediness, and if you can find a way to avoid the insect holes that plagued my mother's last summer, this looks to me like a gorgeous foliage plant - huge and even on the exotic-looking side. I wonder why more people don't grow them decoratively.


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