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Here's Thursday's supper... and my boring body battles

Squash soup (based on Monday's, but much, much better - less stringy and richer with the addition of a jar of babyfood squash!)
Fish (breaded and baked, some whitish kind)
Corn puff - ba… Read more

Cranky Complaints-Lady Visits the R.O.M. - and other weekend expotitions!

Email feedback sent to the Royal Ontario Museum (complaints department link here) today.  Boy, do I continue to be Not Impressed at the quality of this museum (especially for what you pay - $22! -… Read more

Not going to push... sigh...

Going to the museum today and Elisheva won't be coming along.  I was going back and forth on it, but I figure it's not worth the struggle, and she'll just complain the entire time we… Read more

My Robeez OBSESSION...

It looks like a million, but this is actually only 14 pairs. And I'm selling the four girlie pairs at the top middle, or trying to, because we really don't need them anymore...

There is als… Read more

LAST night's supper! And the belly button story...

I have been making wonderful suppers, but keep forgetting to take pictures and / or to post here, so here, to make up for it, is last night's wonderful supper...OK, it doesn't look so wonderf… Read more

Sleeping Beauties

Here's something I haven't done in a while... photographed any of my children in their sleep. Look how peaceful; look how innocent!

I am sitting here eating a grapefruit that Elisheva cut for… Read more

The SIGG saga - SIGG-tisfaction! at last!

Here's what arrived from SIGG USA today... yay! Not one, but THREE lids. SIGG Canada also had a turnaround - I guess pangs of conscience - and emailed asking for my address so they can send me … Read more

As of today, we owe the boy... [and my father...]

...$362. I transferred $200 in last night even though we can't afford it. And paid back Elisheva the $90 that was supposed to be in her account.

I figure, only scum of the earth borrow from their … Read more

And, YES...

... that IS a vintage original 1970-whatever choking-hazard-type Fisher-Price Little People mentshie on her thumb!


Well, I have a salmon fillet defrosting in the fridge. And I was thinking of … Read more

THE SHIRT: Hora with the Torah!

Originally a gift from our university friend Dr. Mike, THE SHIRT has now
been granted official "uppercase" status because over the last 14 years,
it's proven itself
completely indestruct… Read more

As of today, we owe the boy...

$562 Eek. :-( Read more

Foodie Resolution #1 & #2: Garlic & Potatoes

Although, I suppose, eating KOSHER food is a bit of a resolution in itself, that's a whole nother story... so let's call that Resolution #0. And here are resolutions #1 and #2:

GARLIC: Only … Read more

Ahh, the strollers I have owned...

Here's the MacLaren when I first found it, back in April.
and here it is now!

I think the wheels look WAY more worn-down now, in the second picture. Also, the canopy is a little more bent & b… Read more

Latest curbside find: The Pliko!

OK, I think I am a magnet. I think they FIND me.
But this one really is the carriage to end all carriages: lovely late-model Peg Perego pliko in a delightful, CLEAN, navy-check fabric. Well, okay, … Read more

And the NOT HELPFUL sigg reply from Northern Spirit in Canada, plus my reply

Oh, and I've included my reply to her, because it was fun to write due to her message being so not helpful and annoying! ----- Original Message ----- From:[me] To: [her] Sent: Wednesday, November … Read more

Yay! Reply from SIGG! Bottle tops (plural) on their way!

----- Original Message ----- From: Sigg corporate person in Switzerland/Connecticut To:[me] Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2008 9:11 AM Subject: FW: WG: Broken Sigg Bottle Top - repeated emails sent … Read more

At the fair - Giant Vegetables!

For once, one of my fantasy plans came true!

Yesterday - after all the aliyah / shul nonsense (see below) - was Royal Winter Fair day! My plan was to go with Ted & the littles first thing in the … Read more

Before the Fair

Here's a sweet shot of Gavriel Zev in shul yesterday morning. Why were we in shul at 7 a.m. on a random Monday morning in November???

YM lained the first bit of parshas Vayeira because my father … Read more

Mango optimism and new snowsuits!

No, the two topics don't really go together, but there you have it. Here are some shots of a rotton old mango seed that I'm trying to sprout. The last one sprouted just fine but then got d… Read more

Fw: Broken Sigg Bottle Top - repeated emails sent and no reply :-(

Here are two emails I sent back in April hoping to receive a replacement for the bottle cap that my daughter bought which broke right away on its second use.  I am dismayed by the lack of response … Read more

OK, I know it's a bad cliché...

... but what the HECK do they do with all that time in the bathroom??? She's been in there for over 15 minutes, and sounds very close to the door when I knock. Is it just mirror-gazing??? Will we … Read more

Last Thursday's supper

That supper picture was from last Thursday's supper, by the way... casarecce in creamy tomato sauce, sweet potatoes and a yummy multi-veggie barley soup. Everything turned out perfectly, thus en… Read more

Slobbery Webcam Hijinks with Elisheva!

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