Mango optimism and new snowsuits!

No, the two topics don't really go together, but there you have it. Here are some shots of a rotton old mango seed that I'm trying to sprout. The last one sprouted just fine but then got dug up and carted off by wildlife outside. So I'm keeping this one indoors; okay, also because the weather has gotten cold.

Isn't this seed just about the ugliest thing you can imagine? It lives inside the "husk" at the core of a mango... the bit you chew on, scrape the fruit off, etc., isn't the seed but contains the seed. You have to pry it open like an oyster.

This seed got a little mungled up - you can see at the bottom it's a little black and chewed-looking - from my knife-prying attempts... if it hasn't sprouted in a couple of weeks, I will have to start over with a new mango. But like the title says, I'm optimistic. :-)

I'm sprouting it in a sealed container like I did last time because we are all trying to overcome our baggie addiction. There are few things better than a baggie for sprouting, but a container like this does almost as good a job at maintaining the required humidity levels.

New snowsuits from Granny! Pink for Naomi Rivka, Blue (Columbia!) for Gavriel Zev.

I am so grateful for this bounty of snowsuits, though I sometimes feel ungrateful because they take up so much space when it's NOT snowy. I am making up for it by Freecycling at least 3 snowsuits we don't need.

We still actually have the one she sent for Naomi last year - it's Size 3 and blue; this newest one is Size 4 in pink. And Naomi also still has the hot pink one she wore last winter (Size 3), which used to be Elisheva's. But I will hold onto the Size 3 blue because it will still be basically brand-new when Gavriel Zev needs it.

I hope you can see what I mean by bounty of snowsuits.

Supper tonight:

Salmon / spinach pie of some sort.
Formerly frozen peas
I dunno what else... I wish we had pea soup mix but I don't think we do. Feeling lazy.

We are having a lazy day today after a busy yesterday at the Royal Winter Fair, which completely knocked me out... I slept from 11 to 8 and could have slept for three more hours, easily...

<3 J
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