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Sleeping Beauties

Here's something I haven't done in a while... photographed any of my children in their sleep. Look how peaceful; look how innocent!

I am sitting here eating a grapefruit that Elisheva cut for me... ah, luxury. Makes up a bit for the fact that I called my mother to invite her for Shabbos and she made me cry by demanding that I pay the water bill and pay Daddy and get the budget under control... she says to pay the bills first, then the schools. Not so easy when the schools have postdated cheques and the bank won't even let me hide the money in Ted's account.

That's right - we noticed a mysterious $210 withdrawal from his account yesterday, with a $4.50 service charge... called up Scotiabank all indignant about where they were taking our money... and it turns out - I noticed while he was on the phone probing the customer service rep - that it was automatically taken from his account to cover one of the school cheques going through mine. Drat, drat, drat.

All of which only came to light because he mentioned his account was empty... well, sure it was, because the money had gone into mine, which was then also empty. Luckily, today was child tax benefit day. Thank goodness for the kids; if only they weren't eating us out of house and home.

Oh, I hear Ted outside hauling the garbage bin back into place.


Frozen Fish sticks - yes, it's what we have every Thursday when we run out of everything else
Macaroni casserole
Something with carrots, probably boil them in something to help them taste good.

Last night was Superstore chicken, but I cut up my organic russet potatoes and we had them on the side. And what else? There was something yummy... oh, baby carrots and red peppers fried. I guess that's a lot of carrots, especially if I make carrots tonight. But there are so few veggies in the house at the moment... sigh.

Aerobics class tonight!

<3 J
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