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New book announcement: Meet the Avot! (Biblical rhymes for family times.)

I couldn’t decide what to call this book.  Avos?  Avot?  We live in Israel, but I am proudly Ashkenazi.  In my head I say Shabbos, Shavuos and Avos, but everybody around me says Shabbat, Shavuot and … Read more

12 nights of Chanukah fun: a mega Jewish holiday picture book roundup

Usually, I write reviews of Jewish books – for kids and adults – here on this blog (Adventures in MamaLand).  But I also have a blog called Write Kids’ Books, specifically for children’s book writers… Read more

A new kind of science book – written for Jewish kids

Let’s face it.  There are more of them than there are of us.I’m talking about Christians.Lots of them in the world.  And not so many of us.When we were homeschooling, I envied Christian homeschoolers… Read more

REVIEW & EXCERPT: There’s a Shark in the Mikvah! A mitzvah book with BITE?

If I say “mikveh book,” do you groan inside?  Do you think of a book that might be Important to read, with a capital I?  Heavy, serious, but not all that fun?This is not that book.The hilarious cover… Read more

It’s Kislev – is your pocket full of heart?

Want to see something cool?Both of my kids’ schools are making a huge deal out of something I’ve literally never noticed.  The name of the current Hebrew month, Kislev (כסלו), can be divided - with o… Read more

My mother’s favourite* joke

My mother has a joke.  Maybe you’ve heard it before?So a guy goes to the doctor.  Says, “Doctor, it hurts when I go like this.”
And the doctor says, “So don’t go like that.”
This was almost literally m… Read more

9 things you’ve got to stop saying about mental illness… and 4 questions to ask yourself instead.

NOTE: One year after my brother Eli's death in 2014, I published a book about the intertwining of our lives and his struggle with schizophrenia. This post and many other writings are included, in… Read more

The family tree of grief – a quote

Have you lost somebody you loved?Of course you have.  I know from all the people who spoke to me and shared stories after my brother Eli died in the spring.  Maybe you told me yours.  I loved hearing… Read more

MamaLand Review: Elisha Davidson, the kosher Harry Potter –?

Are you ready for a wild ride?  I hope so, because writer M. R. (Rhonda) Attar has just released the first in what promises to be a trilogy of adventure books about young Elisha Davidson, Elisha Davi… Read more

Enter to win: “Chanukah Monsters” Chanukah Disaster giveaway!

Chanukah’s coming… What could go wrong???Well, Murphy’s Law of Holidays says anything that CAN go wrong WILL go wrong when it comes to holiday seasons.  But there’s no reason we can’t laugh about it … Read more

FREE Chanukah Monsters colouring book

Like it, Share it, pass it along!  Here’s the link: may have to join CurrClick if you haven't already, but membership is free, and this was easier than hosting… Read more

Why I wrote a Jewish book about Christmas.

I’ve spent years creating picture books, stories and curriculum materials on every possible Jewish theme.  But when I sat down to write my first chapter book for slightly older readers, I surprised m… Read more

No, we’re not all the same (even though I wish we were)

“What might save us, me and you… is if the Russians love their children, too.”  Singer / songwriter Sting wrote that near the end of the Cold War, when we still thought Russians were going to be the … Read more

Hashem's Amazing World: three terrific science / nature books for Jewish kids

Looking for a way to share the wonders of science and nature with Jewish kids?
These books may be the answer.
I don't post a lot of brags on here, but I wanted to quickly pop in and let you know… Read more

MamaLand Review: Every Picture Tells a Story, a new illustrated weekly parsha book for kids

How are parsha books like popcorn?  You can’t have just one!  If you’re anything like our family, you already have a preponderance of parsha books.  But it’s impossible to have “enough,” isn’t it?  E… Read more

FREE Printable Easy Reader Mini-Book, “On Rosh Hashanah”

Joining the free printable mini-books I have made for Shavuos, Pesach and Chanukah, is this awesome little counting book for Rosh Hashanah.  Specially designed to print, cut out and staple at home.To… Read more

The hour between 12 and 1

What time is it right now where you are? As I write this, it's early morning here (Israel) and the middle of the night in North America.  Time for all reasonable people to be sleeping.  Are you s… Read more

Shopping for picture books for Jewish holidays? Here are 6 you’ll love.

Do you have something you’re really bad at?I do, so I’ll go first.I’m lousy at self-promotion.  Not just bad.  Lousy.  Especially in person.  I have been at people’s houses, shown them the parsha boo… Read more

Start to finish, a Rosh Hashanah (ish) Israel (ish) craft project

Spoiler alert!  If you are on our “nearest and dearest” list, please don’t scroll down to peek at the craft project revealed below.  It is currently winging its way to you in the mail.  Be patient.(U… Read more

Two things that are definitely not “us.” Thing #1.

Thing #2 is Tzfat.  A city we love, but will probably never live in.  You can read more about that over here.But it’s Thing #1 that hurts.  Thing #1 is homeschooling.It’s hard not to cry as I write t… Read more

Free-BEE! Free Kindle book on

My favourite price in the world:  free.  And my favourite thing in the world:  a kids’ book.  (Yes, one of mine.)Please Like, Share and pass along this deal.  FREE UNTIL AUGUST 14 ONLY! Learn a litt… Read more

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