Enter to win: “Chanukah Monsters” Chanukah Disaster giveaway!


Chanukah’s coming… What could go wrong???

Well, Murphy’s Law of Holidays says anything that CAN go wrong WILL go wrong when it comes to holiday seasons.  But there’s no reason we can’t laugh about it now.

Tell me all about your biggest, baddest, funniest, craziest or most MONSTROUS Chanukah disaster and you could win my book Chanukah Monsters (softcover, 8.5” x 8.5”, full-colour paperback, retail value $8.99 on Amazon.com), including mailing anywhere in the United States or Canada (sorry, other people; I love you, but you’re too expensive!).

  1. One winner will receive one copy of Chanukah Monsters, by Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod (hey, that’s me!).
  2. Second and third runners-up will receive a free e-copy of any of my books available in digital form (winner’s choice).

Come on… think up your worst disaster.  Get it off your chest and help the rest of us smile when we’re thinking about what could go wrong (or right) this year.  It doesn’t have to involve fire, or latke poisoning, but it could…

To win: 

  1. Share your story in the Comments section below.  Nothing fancy; just a couple of sentences.
  2. But wait!  You ALSO have to enter via the Giveaway Tools contest box below (entering a comment alone isn’t enough).  The Giveaway Tools gadget offers you a few other cool ways to win.  These are all optional.
  3. Winners will be drawn on Nov 22/23 via Giveaway Tools, and results will be posted on this page.

I can’t wait to see your stories!


  1. I light up a menorah and my children decided to add MORE candles to the menorah as "the more is the merrier", which would be funny for let's say the first day it should be 1 candle, yet the kids lliek to see all 8 candles glowing...sounds funny to me...;)

  2. Yay, an entry! There's nothing sadder than a giveaway with no entries (for some reason, the gadget shows more entries; I hope people know that they have to comment to win). Thanks, Lana for getting the ball rolling. Keep 'em coming, folks!


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