Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

New book announcement: Meet the Avot! (Biblical rhymes for family times.)

Meet the Avot, by Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod

I couldn’t decide what to call this book.  Avos?  Avot?  We live in Israel, but I am proudly Ashkenazi. 

In my head I say Shabbos, Shavuos and Avos, but everybody around me says Shabbat, Shavuot and Avot.  I also still call our Chanukah candle-holder a menorah, resisting the “Chanukiyah” pull with all my strength.

I went with Avot anyway, just as I have in most of my recent books.  There’s just too many of “them” out there… and when I say them, I mean also my own children, who are learning in Israeli schools.  The Family Torah is all-Ashkenazi, all the time.  But everything else is Sefardi, pronunciation-wise.  Including this book.

It’s short but sweet:  a collection of children's rhymes (with illustrations) to introduce the Avos/Avot :  Avraham, Yitzchak, Yaakov, Yosef, plus Noach, Moshe, Shimshon and David.

Meet the Avot, by Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod
(Click on the cover or click here to see it on Amazon.)

It’s based on poems and ideas I came up with while homeschooling -- but never had a chance before to edit and "smooth" for public consumption, the book is perfect for Shabbos (or Shabbat?) -table discussion or just to help kids get a sense of who these important ancestors were.

You won't find the whole story of each one's life, but you will find one "moment" or incident for each that shares a lesson we and our kids can still learn from today.

This one won't be coming out in print; right now, it's Kindle only (if you mail me a receipt for your Kindle copy, I can send you an epub or any other version you need for your own ereader!).  You might not love ebooks as your main reading-to/with-kids vehicle (join the club!), but I hope you'll try it out anyway.  I'd love to hear what you think.

To thank you for following my blog in 2014, I'm making the book 99 cents (Canada/U.S.) from now until January 15th.  After that, it will go up to $2.99.  Click here to view/buy on Amazon.

Enjoy and Shabbat shalom!