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Passing Hammacher Schlemmer Thought

Drooling over this Hammacher Schlemmer catalogue (which turns out to be an old one from last fall), I noticed ON THE VERY SAME PAGE ads for a “Portable Handheld Scanner” and a “Phototherapy Hairbrush… Read more

Peek inside the Book of Centuries… with FREE printable clip art!

I hope the world appreciates my sharing this fun resource out of the depths of the bleary delirious fevery sickness my children seem to have shared wtih me… since it’s too early to go to bed and I ha… Read more

Birthday wishy, wishy… (ruby slippers and MORE)

Elisheva pointed me to these TOMS shoes today, as a potential replacement for my VERY worn around-the-house SuperShoes, which she refers to as my “holocaust shoes.”  Not just because they’re kind of … Read more

Nothing Finer

Lying in bed cuddling with GZ, thinking ahead to his fifth birthday, still more than half a year away.  A Big Kid jokes from the other room, coming at me from however-many years into the future, “com… Read more

FREE Printable Apologia Zoology 1 (Flying Creatures) Blank Narration Page

As I’ve mentioned, we’re enjoying Apologia Science, but I find that the Notebooking Journal doesn’t give us enough space for everything we’ve learned in a single reading, and I don’t love the way the… Read more

Don’t Forget (Chanukah Freebies!)

GZ was in the mood for schoolie while Naomi was working today, and I was racking my brain when I remembered this “Berenstain Bears” Menorah/Dreidel cutting and pasting activity I did with them last y… Read more

Gavriel Zev reading… a LOT

Today, he was a little sicky… which didn’t stop him from curling up with one of our family favourite read-alouds, The Tub People, by Pam Conrad. This is his Thing now.  He’ll sit down with a REALLY … Read more

Drat! Ow! #$!^^@%@*@!!!!

Don't you hate it when a really traumatic, life-changing, howling on the sidewalk in front of the house type injury turns out to look like a great big NOTHING when you try to take a picture of it… Read more

Growing peevish…

I’ve already mentioned this peeve:  sites that make you create a high-security password to access such highly confidential information as PACKAGE TRACKING.  Today’s medium-security site is Starbucks,… Read more

Parsha Poetry, Year 2: Chanukah / Hanukkah /

As a special Chanukah gift to you – and here, I’m using the term “gift” rather loosely – I decided to just go ahead and draw the artwork myself!  Well, okay, also because nobody in my family would he… Read more

My Stereo Sinai Chanukah Gift!

I guess the word “Gift” should be in quotation marks… since I bought it for myself.  A few weeks ago, I pre-ordered Biblegum Pop, one of Stereo Sinai’s first two albums (Biblegum Pop was released sim… Read more

The Plan for Friday

For a VERY small homeschool Chanukah party… (if you’re coming, don’t read this and you’ll think everything is just spontaneously wonderful!)Sing:Some Chanukah songs.  I’m going to cheat and use songs… Read more

The Annual Packages Have Left the Building

Our annual Xmas packages… same as last year, only for the bread, I just baked an “ordinary” challah, which the big kids thought was kind of mundane, but frankly, I think it’s Good Bread – so there.Cu… Read more

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