Gavriel Zev reading… a LOT

image Today, he was a little sicky… which didn’t stop him from curling up with one of our family favourite read-alouds, The Tub People, by Pam Conrad.

image This is his Thing now.  He’ll sit down with a REALLY long story and attempt to tackle the whole thing, all the way through.  Most of the time he makes it, but if I see he’s exhausted and struggling, I swoop in to salvage his self-esteem with one of these cool free bookmarks we printed and glue-sticked (glue-stuck?) onto these cheap, simple “stars” name plates to make super-snazzy, colourful bookmarks. 

imageWe often spend a minute or so reading the bookmark, which is WAY better than the twenty minutes it might take him to finish the book.  In the case of The Tub People, he did actually make it all the way through.  I just didn’t record it all.  :-)

Oooh – I just discovered this free Tub People colouring page – definitely going to print this and save it for when he’s feeling better.  Enjoy!

What are some read-aloud favourites YOUR kids don’t want to quit in the middle???


  1. Awesomely cute. What a sweet and clever boy!


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