Sunday, December 25, 2011

Drat! Ow! #$!^^@%@*@!!!!

DSC01970Don't you hate it when a really traumatic, life-changing, howling on the sidewalk in front of the house type injury turns out to look like a great big NOTHING when you try to take a picture of it???

Perhaps this is Hashem’s way of punishing me for going out with my mother last night to see the lights… including this incredible display where they are collecting money for Sick Kids hospital (yes, we gave, and by we, I mean, we put in some of my mother’s money, because I left my wallet at home).


Because then we got home, got out of the car, I let Naomi out, grabbed her carseat and slammed the door… on my fingertip.  Which was just about the most intensely painful thing I can remember, including breaking my ankle.

I ran up the driveway and wept, just howled, until I was too cold and had to move inside, where I ran it under cold water, howling and crying and snotting everywhere.

It still hurts – a lot.  Trust me when I say no photo can do it justice.   It looks like I purpled my finger with marker.  Drat!

Sympathy accepted here.