Birthday wishy, wishy… (ruby slippers and MORE)


Elisheva pointed me to these TOMS shoes today, as a potential replacement for my VERY worn around-the-house SuperShoes, which she refers to as my “holocaust shoes.”  Not just because they’re kind of checkered, which is reminiscent of a grey striped uniform, but because when I take them off, they sort of keep the shape of my feet in a haunting way.  I agree that they are full of holes, and various rubber bits are peeling off.  Indeed, the labels I inserted into them back in January have long since peeled away and the shoes have gotten even more bedraggled since then.

Here’s the BACKUP pair of supershoes – and that’s how they looked TWO years ago.

I once applied for a “shoe makeover” TV show, which I thought would be cool, because I am SO not a shoes-acquiring kind of person.  I have literally two pairs of running shoes, one pair of boots, and two pairs of supershoes for around the house.  Oh, and for summer, Birki sandals, but I don’t know if I will ever wear them again, because they never fit comfortably after the accident this past summer, and also my crocs for running out into the garden.  Not enough support in those to wear with an iffy ankle, I suspect.

So anyway – my birthday’s coming up, the time of year when dreams really DO come true.  Well, not from my mother, who bought us a freezer back before Rosh Hashanah as my birthday present.  But maybe somebody feels like blowing $70 (probably $90, all-told, here in Canada) on some nice shoes for me that look like Keds, but they’re made of WOOL so they will be toasty and nice to hole up in all winter long in my 17-degree hidey hole.

Click the wishes tag below to see some other, mostly out-of-date, wish list items!

p.s. A few more for the idea mill:

  • My blender jar broke during the year (a friend’s child pushed it and it smashed on the stone kitchen floor – hurrah) and I miss it so much.  I love my blender, and it’s useless without a jar!!!  (hmm… maybe better to go with the stainless model this time!)
  • As always, anything with UglyDolls on it!
  • Candy thermometer – dull, but true.  Must clip on.  Must have EXCELLENT reviews.
  • Also somewhat pedestrian – more loaf pans, 9x5 nice plain ones; maybe a few more other metal pans.  Nothing non-stick.  Nothing with those exaggerated rounded corners; square so it looks like REAL bread!  These ones look hardcore enough.  :-)


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