FREE Printable Apologia Zoology 1 (Flying Creatures) Blank Narration Page

As I’ve mentioned, we’re enjoying Apologia Science, but I find that the Notebooking Journal doesn’t give us enough space for everything we’ve learned in a single reading, and I don’t love the way the information kind of splashes around on the page.  I had created Blank Narration Pages for our Story of the World history reading, so I just took a few minutes to modify that page slightly so we could use it for science.

I think this page gives just about enough room to narrate the length of section we’re reading at one sitting.  And it lets you create continuity by saving the page and using it for more than one lesson.  You could always begin the next lesson by reading the previous narration, as well (I keep meaning to do this and now I can!).  For history, at least, Naomi loves the small size of the illustration window; I think she feels more creative in this teeny-weeny space.



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