Don’t Forget (Chanukah Freebies!)

DSC02000GZ was in the mood for schoolie while Naomi was working today, and I was racking my brain when I remembered this “Berenstain Bears” Menorah/Dreidel cutting and pasting activity I did with them last year.  It’s been so long that neither of them actually remembered doing it at ALL.

You can find this and a few more Chanukah activities at this page.

I don’t remember why I made this Berenstain Bears when I don’t like them or the books at ALL.  I think I just wanted a family where they would instantly recognize the characters and their relative sizes/ages.  There are a few ways you can use this sheet.  For older kids, you can just do it with drawing lines from each family member to his/her respective menorah and dreidel.

Anyway, I folded a piece of construction paper into fourths to give one distinct area for each family member, and then let GZ have a blast (really, truly, he was humming and happy and asked to do it AGAIN when he was finished).  (I said no; maybe I’ll print him another one tomorrow if we have time.)  This was nice for everybody because it kept him entirely busy with minimal intervention from me, which meant I could give most of my attention to Naomi’s work.

DSC01994 DSC01999  DSC02002



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