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Shanah Tovah!

Finishing up the lapbook… (I just need to attach this to the cover and it’s DONE!)Delicious yom tov smells…Must run – see you in 5772!!! Read more

Math Out Loud! with The Verbal Math Lesson

Last year, when we started doing formal math, I immediately noticed that Naomi’s handwriting wasn’t in the same place that her “math brain” was, developmentally.  She could DO the math, but we were … Read more

Review - Life of Fred: Apples (The Verdict? They like it!)

I have read Life of Fred Algebra, so I thought I was prepared for a certain degree of surrealism and silliness, but an initial glance through this book far surpassed my expectations.  Silliness is no… Read more

The BEST use for a muffin-top pan

Mostly, I think single-use kitchen toys are silly.  But last year, I bought a muffin-top pan and quickly discovered THE very, very best use for it… honey cake tops!!!I already blogged about this last… Read more

Easy Rosh Hashanah Ram Craft

Uh-oh… Do I use the word “easy” to describe all my crafts???This one is based loosely on a “sheep” project in the Literature Pockets: Nursery Rhymes book, but I’m hoping my kids won’t notice its high… Read more

Help for 4Shared Downloads

On my downloads pages, most of the downloads are now from 4shared, a free file-hosting site.  I switched last year from Google Docs because there were too many people having too many problems with Go… Read more


I have to go to work tomorrow.  Shudder.I have to wake up, have a shower, find clean clothes and a matching head-thing, put on shoes, drive across town, park and go up an elevator to an office.I kno… Read more

Three New Helps for Limudei Kodesh

It seems that the best I can say about Limudei Kodesh (Jewish studies) resources is that they’re not completely appalling.  With that in mind, I browsed the shelves in a couple of local bookstores to… Read more

Just bought my reptilia Groupon - 5 hrs left to get yours!

Up to 67% Off Reptile Zoo Visit for Up to 10 ... Four Options Available:… Read more

Another Shameless Shallow Blog Post to win a contest…

I’m sure I stand no chance, but sometimes I do win these things. This is to win a free kids’ CD from Maestro Classics, who have created a really good series of educational book / CD resources to help… Read more

The Lesson of the Stroller

(with thanks to Phyllis Sommer’s Ima on and off the Bima for the “Blog Elul” button and meme, which I have not yet participated because I thought I had nothing to say) My friend Sara just wrote an in… Read more

The week in Review…

This is our last “normal” week before the roller-coaster of the chagim (MONTH of Jewish holidays coming up).  I’ve found it’s best to cram a lot in the first couple of days of the week, because after… Read more

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