Easy Rosh Hashanah Ram Craft

Uh-oh… Do I use the word “easy” to describe all my crafts???

DSC01022This one is based loosely on a “sheep” project in the Literature Pockets: Nursery Rhymes book, but I’m hoping my kids won’t notice its highly derivative nature. 

I guess it doesn’t meet the Charlotte Mason criterion of being a “useful object” (so kids aren’t just doing “twaddle crafts” to kill time, but end up with something useful for the home and acquiring real-world skills).  However, it DOES fulfill most of my criteria for a “green” craft, anyway:  when it’s finished adorning your home, you can toss the whole thing in the backyard composter!

I haven’t got time for a step-by-step, but really, all you need are, for each ram: 

  • Black construction paper:  FACE, EAR, two LEGS, a TAIL.  Make them any shape you like!
  • A cardboard body – mine is about the size of a piece of construction paper, hamburger-folded.
  • A white or tan SHOFAR that kids can cut out and stick on the side of the head.
  • Yarn to cover the body with “hair” – I wanted something that was NOT wool so it would be a goat, but sadly, it just looks like a hairy sheep.  If you want to do something easier, you can just stick cotton balls on the body instead.  You can use authentic goat-coloured yarn, or something crazy; whatever you have on hand.
  • I used oil pastels to decorate the face, which is messy but shows up well on black.
  • DSC01024Optional:  decoration for the reverse side.  (mine is based on clip art Ted created for my Rosh Hashanah lapbook)

I made the hair by wrapping lengths of yarn LOOSELY around a piece of cardboard about the width I wanted the hairs to be.  Then, I drizzled glue onto the body and spread the wrapped hair onto the body.  Then, I gave it a “haircut” to remove the loops! DSC01023 

This is absolutely the NICEST yarn; I think it’s alpaca, but I’m not sure.  It’s soft and fuzzy and nice to run your fingers through.  I just happened to have it here… well, in Elisheva’s room.  Her grandmother gave it to her to knit with.  This project won’t use it all up – I hope!  (I did ask her permission…)

I invited a few other homeschooled kids to come over for a Rosh Hashanah program tomorrow.  We’ll daven, bake honey cakes, eat honey cake, apples and honey, sing and read a couple of stories, and do this craft. 

Here’s my box of supplies for this craft, all tidy & ready to go!


  1. A ram is a male sheep, isn't it? Not a goat... so I thought.

  2. Very true! But a shofar can actually be made with the horn of many kosher animals (now cow), including goat and kudu.
    Mostly, I wanted a goat because my kids made the sheep (made with cotton balls instead of yarn) in the Literature Pockets just a couple of months ago. And I thought the yarn looked nice and goaty, although it does look like shaggy-sheepswool, too.
    In fact, all the kids were happy to do it with cotton balls today. The cotton balls are easier, but the yarn may give it more of a unique, organic look.


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